Vigna Blevedere

Vigna Belvedere

Sparkling Bonarda and Barbera from Oltrepo' Pavese in Italy

Harvest 2013


September 2013: winegrapes of Vigna Belvedere are ready for grape-harvest; year 2013 was rainy till may 2013, then sunny and hot. Ideal temperatures (not too hot). We are waiting some days more for harvesting and pressing the grapes in our cellars in Mondonico. Our planning is to start at end of September or first days of October.

Direct Sale


Starting from January 2013, Bonarda and Barbera wines of Vigna Belvedere are available for direct sales also in our cellars. We suggest you to book for an appointment in advance so you can see alse the wineyards "Vigna Belvedere" and how we work to produce these wines.


Promotion Fall 2012


In November 2012, wines of Vigna Belvedere are selected and included in the wine promotion of the Oltrepo Pavese wines in all Billa stores in Italy.

Launch of Bonarda and Barbera of Vigna Belvedere

bonarda e barbera

On 1st October 2012, the wines of "Vigna Belvedere" are launched, fully produced on the Mondonico hill in San Damiano al Colle (Pavia - Italy). The first two wines are typical products of the territory: the Barbera Frizzante DOC (Barbera Sparkling DOC) and Bonarda Frizzante DOC (Bonarda Sparkling DOC) dell'Oltrepo' Pavese; these wines are under the quality control of the Consorzio Oltrepo' Pavese for the DOC guarantee.